We are the eleventh monkey creatures, and we all look slightly awkward. Our little felt family was unleashed into the world from Japan in 2009. We are 100% handmade by our Dutch creator.

Her name is Louana, but we like to call her "the Dutchie", and she tries to keep everyone updated on her life by blogging about it. We say 'tries', because she's perpetually behind on updating her blog because she loves creating us so much...

The Dutchie had always dreamed about living in the States ever since she was a little girl. Her dream was already temporarily realized in 2004 as an exchange student at Emory University, where she fell in love with a Japanese guy.

For 3 years they maintained a very-long-distance relationship allowing her to finish graduate school before following her boyfriend all the way to Japan. She arrived there in 2007 to teach English and most importantly to enjoy a glorious short-distance relationship in an exotic country.

The Dutchie got inspired to create our little felt behinds during a visit to Korea, where she stumbled upon hundreds of colorful little leather monsters for sale in street stalls. Back in Japan, she started drawing her original animal designs and since she had no idea how to sew, she turned to the Internet to teach herself how to do decorative stitches. A few weeks later, the first of us creatures was born and numbered 1. She ended up numbering just the first 100 of us.

Her Japanese sweetheart was planning to go the States for graduate school in 2010, so at the end of 2009 the Dutchie married him, so that they never would have to do the long-distance-thing again and could be together always and everywhere. Together, they moved to San Francisco, and it was easy for us to travel with them, because we are small enough to squeeze into one of their suitcases.

So now, here we all are. Living happily ever after in San Francisco. For now at least, because the Dutchie and her Japanese hubby seem to really enjoy moving from country to country. It doesn't matter to us, as long as we receive a warm hug now and then. We love, love, love hugs. And we are looking for new friends out in the world in the eleventh monkey shop.

P.S. Want to know why the Dutchie refers to herself as the eleventh monkey? Well, she was born on the eleventh of August in the year of the monkey, according to the Chinese zodiac. So she just squeezed those two facts about herself together... Yeah, it's a bit weird, but we still love her ;).